Love of Travel Takes Lake Panorama Man to Mountain Summit

Before the ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro, Gary Geels (left), is shown with his daughter Meredith Swenson, her husband Adam Swenson, and Adam’s father, Craig Swenson.

By Susan Thompson

Last September, while most Lake Panorama residents were enjoying beautiful fall weather, one resident was in Tanzania, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in single-digit temperatures.

Gary and Susan Geels moved from Johnston to a condo on Lake Panorama’s main basin in 2008. She works as a special education administrator in the Des Moines Public Schools. He is a Bankers Trust vice president who works with retirement plans.

Sports Courts Update from LPA Project Manager

By Susan Thompson

New sports courts will be constructed at Boulder Beach this spring. Friends of Lake Panorama raised $75,000 for the project, and the Lake Panorama Association is matching that amount to complete the full $150,000 project. Site preparation was done in September by the LPA staff. In this month’s Q&A, Brad Halterman, LPA project manager, provides an update, since this is one of many projects he is overseeing for the LPA in 2018.

Q: Let’s start with you telling us about the court sizes and how they will be configured.

Lake Panorama Property Assessments Coming Soon

By Susan Thompson

Lake Panorama property owners soon will receive their 2018 property assessment notices from the Guthrie County Assessor’s office. Nikki Carrick, Guthrie County Assessor, says notices will be mailed about February 14.

“These notices are intended to inform Lake Panorama property owners of the estimated market value of their property,” Carrick says. “However, the values should not be confused with taxable value or property taxes. Property taxes based on these 2018 property assessment values will be payable in the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020.”