Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone Prepares for 2019

By Susan Thompson 

Over 40 voters took to the polls December 11, 2018, to cast ballots in the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ) election. Larry Petersen ran unopposed and was elected to a three-year term. Petersen has served on the RIZ board since his appointment August 27, 2018. Petersen completed the unexpired term of Dale Grotjohn, who retired from the board August 6.

New Face at the LPA Office

Angie Wilderman recently joined the Lake Panorama Association staff, and is responsible for a number of member services tasks.

By Susan Thompson 

The new year brings a new person behind the front counter at the Lake Panorama Association office. Angie Wilderman began work at the LPA office in late December. She replaces Joyce Johnson, who held the position nearly four years before taking a job at Nutriom in Panora.

LPA History Book Available for Pre-Order

A book detailing the history of Lake Panorama is now available for pre-orders. Lake Panorama – The First 50 Years, is a full-color, hardcover 96-page book. It’s sponsored by the Lake Panorama Association, and authored by Susan Thompson. 

The coffee table commemorative book includes both historic and contemporary photos. Chapters in the book describe the area landscape that made the lake possible, plus six decades of planning and development. 

More Tidbits from LPA's First 50 Years

By Susan Thompson 

This is the second installment of historical facts that won’t make it into the upcoming book “Lake Panorama – The First 50 Years.” While researching and writing the book, I discovered lots of interesting historical details. But since the book is limited to 96-pages, there isn’t room for everything. 

Following are some items you won’t find in the book, but which have helped shape where the Lake Panorama Association and its members are today.