Extensive Renovations Complete at Panorama West

A bench has been installed near the Panorama West pro shop. The plaque on the bench states: With Deep Appreciation. In Memory of James and Joyce McLuen.

By Susan Thompson 

It’s been a busy year of construction at the Panorama West golf course. A new irrigation system was installed, and new sections of concrete cart paths were added. Old landscape beds surrounding the clubhouse were renovated, with new rock, shrubs and perennial flowers added. 

A gift of more than $473,000 from James and Joyce McLuen financed these major construction projects, along with other improvements. Twenty percent of their estate was directed to Friends of Lake Panorama to be used at Panorama West. 

Tidbits from Lake Panorama's History

This lighthouse was installed on the Lake Panorama jetty in 2009. It replaced a smaller lighthouse that stood in the same location for 33 years.

By Susan Thompson 

While researching and writing Lake Panorama’s history, I’ve discovered a couple of things. First, the history is fascinating. Second, there is a lot of it. If I included everything of interest in the book I’m writing, it would be much longer and more expensive than planned. 

I’ve found myself writing interesting or quirky details, which later I cut because of space constraints. So I decided to share some of these tidbits in the Lake Panorama Times.