Donors Kickoff Playground Fundraising

This play equipment planned for Boulder Beach offers something new for both younger and older children. Stand-alone swinging, climbing, and balancing pieces will appeal to the older kids, and provide an approach to the multi-faceted play set. The play set includes two slides, a covered deck area, and a “Big Kahuna” fish climbing bridge. Nearby will be three swings, one enclosed to accommodate toddlers.

By Susan Thompson 

During a six-week period at the end of 2019, 20 couples, individuals and businesses donated nearly $10,000 to Friends of Lake Panorama to fund new playground equipment at Boulder and Shady beaches. 

Friends of Lake Panorama is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, with a goal of improving recreational amenities at Lake Panorama. The Friends board’s current priority project is raising $70,000 for playground equipment, to be split evenly between Boulder and Shady beaches. 

Updates on LPA Projects from GM

John Rutledge, LPA General Manager, provides some project updates in this month's Q&A.

By Susan Thompson 

The Lake Panorama Association (LPA) staff already is gearing up for spring and summer projects, while managing the daily changes an Iowa winter can bring. This month’s Q&A with John Rutledge, LPA general manager, includes information on several topics important to LPA members.

Q: The idea of adding a boat ramp on Lake Panorama’s west side was a recent topic of discussion at an LPA board meeting. Give us an update on that issue.