Sports Courts Open at Boulder Beach

Mark and Karen Einck are shown on the basketball court at Boulder Beach. They donated $26,000 to help make the addition of a basketball court possible.

By Susan Thompson

The new sports courts at Boulder Beach opened in mid-June, and have been seeing lots of action since. The courts were especially busy during the Fourth of July holiday week, hosting many family groups.

Dick and Carolyn Koberg, who donated $5,000 to the sports courts project, were among Lake Panorama residents who brought family and friends to Boulder Beach for some fun.

Trees Donated at Panorama West

Barb and Virgil Hoehne are shown with one of the two tulip trees they donated last year through Friends of Lake Panorama. The other is behind them, in the same line of trees along the eighth hole.

By Susan Thompson

In fall 2017, Virgil and Barb Hoehne made a donation through Friends of Lake Panorama, which resulted in two new trees being added to the Panorama West golf course.

Two tulip trees, valued at $700, were planted in an existing tree line along the north side of the fairway leading to the eighth green. The new trees replaced others that had died in previous years.  

Giant Flag Created for July Fourth Holiday

Drone photos were taken by Paul Pitts, who was visiting Lake Panorama for the holiday. His daughter and son-in-law, Valerie and Josh Strehle, live near the Hansen home where the giant lawn flag was painted.

By Susan Thompson

Like many Lake Panorama residents, Lyle and Paula Hansen displayed an American flag on a pole in front of their home as part of their Fourth of July celebration. But they also took their patriotism one step further, by displaying a giant flag painted on their lawn. Their son, Chip Hansen, was the mastermind behind the project.

“I thought of this last summer after seeing different ways people had displayed flags around the lake,” says Chip. “We’ve got a gentle slope to the water, and I thought it would a great place to paint the American flag.”