Looking Ahead into 2019

By Susan Thompson

Having dealt with January’s polar vortex, followed by plenty of ice and snow in early February, it’s hard to imagine spring will someday arrive at Lake Panorama. Yet the groundhog said an early spring is on its way. So in this month’s Q&A, John Rutledge, LPA general manager and LPN director of operations, reviews several topics of interest. 

Q.  Spring is just around the corner at LPA, we hope! What reminders do you have for LPA members?

A.  If I could give one tip to LPA members, it would be to ensure they are subscribed to LPA’s weekly email bulletin. The Panorama Promptis sent every Wednesday and includes a brief update on a number of relevant topics. Members can subscribe by going to lakepanorama.org and clicking on “Request Login” on the left-hand side menu. Fill out your information and click “submit.”

Signing up will put members on the LPA ebulletin list for these important weekly newsletters, plus special email alerts as needed. This also means you will receive the electronic version of the quarterly Panorama Postnewsletter. Signing up also gives members the option to receive beach water quality results and details on upcoming LPA board meetings electronically. 

If members have subscribed but are not receiving LPA electronic news, I suggest they check their junk mail or spam folder. Also add Lake Panorama as a trusted sender so these LPA emails aren’t mistaken for spam.

Q.  In 2018, LPA registered a total of 2,629 boats. So one annual rite of spring at Lake Panorama is getting annual boat stickers from the LPA office. Anything new for 2019?  

A. One thing that isn’t new is the price for boat stickers, which remain the same as 2018. Vessels over 10 horsepower cost $150. Motorized vessels under 10 horsepower are $30. Non-motorized vessels, such as kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and paddle boats, are $10.  

2019 does mark the year in which Iowa boat owners must update their State of Iowa DNR registration. Boat owners are required to obtain their DNR registrations from the county recorder in their county of residence. The current registrations don’t expire until April 30, but LPA requires the new 2019-2021 registrations be submitted before boat stickers are issued. 

There are two other requirements before LPA members can purchase their boat stickers. They must complete a new invasive species form and pay their 2019 LPA dues. If members have questions about the invasive species form or their 2019 dues statement, they can call the office at 641.755.2301 or email lpa@lakepanorama.org.

Q. How do members obtain or renew their dock permits?

A. Boat docks are governed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Information for new permits and the renewal of existing permits can be found online at iowadnr.gov/boatdocks.

LPA’s only role in boat docks is with regard to signage. LPA rules mandate members purchase their boat dock signs from the association to ensure uniformity. Members who need a sign can contact the LPA office to place their sign order. The cost per sign is $20.

Q.  What events should LPA members put on their calendars for this spring?

A.  LPA’s annual business meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on May 11, 2019, and will be held in the LPN banquet room. This will be the 50thannual meeting of the Lake Panorama Association. We always encourage members to join us for this session, at which we review the year prior and the year to come. 

Later that evening is the annual Fin and Feather fundraiser banquet. If you haven’t kicked off your year at Lake Panorama by this date, then May 11 marks a great opportunity to do so. This organization, which raises funds for fish stocking and other projects, now provides the option to buy tickets online here: panoramafinandfeather.com/banquet/

One other thing to note related to the LPA’s 50thanniversary. A book detailing the history of Lake Panorama is available for pre-order. Lake Panorama – The First 50 Years, is a full-color, hardcover 96-page book. It’s sponsored by the Lake Panorama Association, and written by Susan Thompson. 

Books ordered through May 13, which is two days after the 50thannual LPA meeting, will be sold at a reduced price of $30. On May 14, the price will increase to $35.

The book should be available in June 2019. It is being sold online with all major credit cards accepted. Books pre-ordered may be picked up at either the LPA or LPN front desks at no additional charge. Those who prefer to have their books shipped can choose this option on the order form. 

Anyone not comfortable ordering online, or who has questions, can contact the LPA for assistance. Place online orders here: https://lakepanorama.formstack.com/forms/order